Your Goal, Our Goal!

MSME’s need to EVOLVE.

MSMEs are less robust and more vulnerable to fluctuations in the national economy than big companies. COVID-19 has revealed that the state of world economies can sway at any moment. This is the time SMEs need to tactically shift a few gears around and evolve with the ongoing changes or risk the eventual death of […]

GAWU & our 60years of Promoting DECENT WORK In Agriculture.

Who are GAWU? Ghana’s General Agricultural Workers’ Union (GAWU) is the nation’s biggest trade union organizing farmers and agricultural workers both in the formal and informal sectors of our country. GAWU has been working together with smallholder farmers and other non-wage rural workers since formation on the 9th of February, 1959. We are currently working in over 200 […]

WHAT 5G IS – and no, it does not cause COVID-19

Many things can easily be explained with reasonable, logical, yet simple analysis. That is the purpose of this article: to explain what 5G is and to refute the notion that 5G causes coronavirus. Last week, I got a couple of the “I hear 5G can even cause cancers and coronavirus so beware of technology”. There’s this […]


Last week, many people I came into contact with told me the coronavirus isn’t real. My mechanic, a guest at the office and a few more professed how they could never get the coronavirus. I even had meetings where some people just refused to wear a mask, or took it off once they entered.  I […]