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Finding the Fortune in Failure

Learn How to Embrace Failure and Make Your Startup Thrive In the start-up world we often hear phrases like ‘fail fast,’ ‘celebrate failure’ and that failing can be the best thing that ever happened. But let’s be honest: failure sucks. At the very moment “the failure” hits you, often the last thing you’re thinking about are […]

Otema Yirenkyi, formerly of Microsoft, IBM & Vodafone, talks “Networking with Intentionality”, and more!

Maxwell:                     Good evening Otema. I’m looking forward to a pleasant conversation with you. You’ve had all these leadership roles in big corporations, like IBM, Vodafone, being the first-ever female country manager in Microsoft’s Africa operations, what advice would you share with young woman entering such a male dominated profession? Otema:                        Thank you for having me Maxwell. I think […]


My favourite definition of ‘entrepreneurship’ is “the creation or extraction of value”. Simple, right? It means wherever you are, if you are creating extra value for yourself or bringing out more worth in whatever you do, then you’re entrepreneuring! …if that’s a word. It means an entrepreneur need not only be those that start/have a […]

Making it: Six Simple Ways to Achieve Startup Success

We’ve previously talked about what it takes to make “the leap” from employee to entrepreneur; an empowering milestone that is often accompanied by a feeling of excitement and confidence. The Leap is certainly an event worth savouring but the journey ahead is likely going to be impervious, as Vusi Thembekwayo recently stated: “It is always clear […]

Making the Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed of visionaries, creators and innovators who have the courage and ingenuity to take risks, break away from the herd and cast a path for themselves.  Starting a business is an increasingly appealing and aspirational career choice – particularly in markets where secure jobs are getting scarcer, and the idea of […]

When the Public ratifies your Business.

Sometime in 2005, I was walking to the West side of Achimota School with Reverend Baiden, now Very Reverend Baiden, when I expressed my mouth-watering desire to purchase waakye across the street. Students weren’t allowed to do that; I believe they still aren’t. Surprisingly, she didn’t refuse. She only asked if I am used to […]