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DESENSITISATION – a threat to fighting COVID-19

Desensitisation, in this regard, is the phenomenon where the same people in our Ghanaian society that were very much concerned about the impact and threat of the novel coronavirus on our health and livelihood at large, have developed a much weaker emotional response to current COVID-19 issues. This is definitely partly due to the fact […]

COVID-19 & the Death of George Floyd Jr.

George Floyd tested positive for COVID-19.  What has that got to do with his death? Absolutely nothing! If your brother had asthma, and someone intentionally introduced smoke into his room, and he died, you would be very upset if the system said “well he had asthma, so nothing to see here”. Look up ‘Proximate Cause […]

7 Business Ideas for The New Normal

The current set of circumstances create an ecosystem that happens to be the perfect condition for some enterprises to thrive and thrive really well. But that’s like discussing all the benefits of fire while your house is burning to ashes. It wouldn’t be the best time, would it? Nonetheless, The New Normal will catalyse many pending changes […]


THE LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTATION SECTOR is absolutely crucial in this fight against COVID-19. The role it plays in the supply and delivery of resources makes it necessary that we mitigate the impact of the novel coronavirus in this sector so as to enable us mobilise effectively during this war. Transportation of products is simply the movement […]


To say this pandemic poses a threat of serious losses to the Petroleum Industry worldwide might not adequately capture the sheer numeric magnitude of the shortfall for this particular industry. We are talking about an industry where small change is spoken about in the billions so you’d have to imagine what happens when the price […]