Your Goal, Our Goal!

Stories From People Who Have Built Better Habits

My stomach is coming… well, not exactly.  That’s a direct translation from our local Twi dialect. I’m trying to say my 6-pack abs are combining into one right before my eyes, and it feels horrible when I notice. So I’ve been thinking a lot about habits lately.  Then Alan, who I talk to a lot, starts going […]

Run your Body like it’s a Business

As businessmen and entrepreneurs, we are all constantly trading in futures, in a sense. We trade in our time and resources every today and bet that at every tomorrow, we shall get fair value in return. That’s the contract we have with Life. Once you’re living and breathing, you are constantly altering the set of […]

Be very afraid of NOT taking this COVID-19 vaccine

The lies about this COVID-19 vaccine are just too much. Typically, conspiracy theories start off benefiting a clear side. In the case, I dare say most of us peddling lies about this COVID vaccine are merely mal-articulating their innate fears and concerns as well-thought out concepts in an effort to keep up appearances as not […]

Finding the Fortune in Failure

Learn How to Embrace Failure and Make Your Startup Thrive In the start-up world we often hear phrases like ‘fail fast,’ ‘celebrate failure’ and that failing can be the best thing that ever happened. But let’s be honest: failure sucks. At the very moment “the failure” hits you, often the last thing you’re thinking about are […]