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WHAT THE NUMBERS TELL US It is estimated that agriculture accounts for 80 percent of global deforestation. Out of thousands of plant species cultivated for food, a mere 200 substantially contribute to the world’s food output, according

Definition of Credit Bureau Agencies Credit bureau agencies are specialised organisations that gather, maintain, and share credit information about individuals and businesses. They play a vital role in the financial ecosystem by giving lenders insights into a

You will undoubtedly find humility woven into your business journey in Africa. Africa will indeed ground you. It has taught me humility, keeps me down to earth, and my entrepreneurial journey has brought me lessons in modesty,

Ghana, the Heart of Africa, has long been celebrated for its stable political environment and progressive democratic governance. The nation’s commitment to conducting regular, peaceful presidential elections stands as a beacon for other developing countries seeking to

The interconnectedness of economic elements can often create a domino effect, where a ripple in one sector can trigger a tidal wave in another. This is notably observed in the relationship between inflation and poverty. Recent events

In the ever-evolving tech industry, some trailblazers transcend conventional boundaries and carve their paths to unprecedented success. One such exceptional individual is Otema Yirenkyi, Area Vice President for Salesforce, whose unwavering pursuit of excellence has propelled her