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Disability is a natural occurrence. It comes from the interplay of several environmental and individual factors with health disorders. The definition of “disability” and who can be considered a “disabled” person has been a sensitive topic. Persons

Every year on February 14, people celebrate Valentine’s Day or rather, the Feast of Saint Valentine. What was first celebrated as a Christian feast day to remember one or more martyred early Christians by the name of

Have you ever wondered why, whilst in school, a particular student solved all the difficult maths questions effortlessly? Have you also wondered why on the tracking field, a particular athlete appears to have been born with two

Tech and media giant, GhanaWeb, has announced a strategic partnership with Maxwell Investments Group (MIG) on entrepreneurship-based content. This will come by way of the Entrepreneur In You video podcast series, and the MIG Business Forum. The Entrepreneur In You video podcast will

From the complexities of distribution hubs to a functioning nationwide logistics network, not to mention the minimum consistent business activity needed to make the whole model viable, a housing numbering system performs an essential role in the

Collective identities and trauma memories are intricately entwined in our time. For example, the memories of past and present victimization serve as the foundation for the collective identities of the majority of ethnic minorities. Likewise, social trauma