Your Goal, Our Goal!

Making the Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed of visionaries, creators and innovators who have the courage and ingenuity to take risks, break away from the herd and cast a path for themselves.  Starting a business is an increasingly appealing and aspirational career choice – particularly in markets where secure jobs are getting scarcer, and the idea of […]

When the Public ratifies your Business.

Sometime in 2005, I was walking to the West side of Achimota School with Reverend Baiden, now Very Reverend Baiden, when I expressed my mouth-watering desire to purchase waakye across the street. Students weren’t allowed to do that; I believe they still aren’t. Surprisingly, she didn’t refuse. She only asked if I am used to […]

MSME’s need to EVOLVE.

MSMEs are less robust and more vulnerable to fluctuations in the national economy than big companies. COVID-19 has revealed that the state of world economies can sway at any moment. This is the time SMEs need to tactically shift a few gears around and evolve with the ongoing changes or risk the eventual death of […]