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I have two friends that always leave me feeling somewhat better after I speak with them. One is always on some cool project that stimulates my intellect so our conversations are great. I call the other one

You have a good idea… then what? In Ghana, ideas unfortunately do not have a well-defined route to turning into large-enough enterprises such that your community, your country, your continent benefit from it.  By the way, you inspired this

19.447 billion metric tonnes and 353.8 million TEU (twenty-foot Equivalent Unit). From January 2020 to April 2021, the volume of cargo that have been through Chinese ports was almost 19.5 billion tonnes. Within the same period, the container

Try to not think “I don’t have the time to read this”. You may be right, but l think you should. These few minutes (maybe a little more than a few minutes) may be a lifesaver. For

My stomach is coming… well, not exactly.  That’s a direct translation from our local Twi dialect. I’m trying to say my 6-pack abs are combining into one right before my eyes, and it feels horrible when I

The meteoric rise of Zionfelix, GhKwaku, RonnieIsEverywhere, thousands of Instagram shops and tens of thousands of social media influencers are products of millions of Ghanaians running to the internet when the pandemic started. During the lockdown, the