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In this great big world of digitisation seemingly on steroids, and innovations springing up faster than mushrooms overnight after a good soft rain, it is more than easy to be considered out of fashion and outside of

Countries may ban the exportation of certain commodities from time to time. It is not an altogether uncommon thing to do, and it may occur for several different reasons.  The length of time a commodity may remain

Governments around the world have indeed taken on more and more functions over time. As a result, they now guarantee the operation of many services once provided by the private sector. They also collect massive amounts of

Political parties rely heavily on financial assistance to sustain their activities. This has led to a situation where financiers of a party can unduly influence the outcome of elections and the policies of political parties. The question

In my opinion, the benefits of blockchain are being paraded as akin to that of cryptocurrencies and while to a large extent that is accurate, from the few conversations I have had over the past weeks, there

Traffic Light Malfunctions Does anyone ever pause and ponder traffic lights and traffic signals? And would it be weird to know that I do? In a city as quickly growing as Accra, one would think it would