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Universal basic income (UBI) is when an entity, like an NGO, Government or other institution, provides a set amount of money to all of its beneficiaries irrespective of their wealth and taxpayer status. It’s based on the

Digitization is one of the niche subject matters in the field of information and communication technology. However, its use and application have reached other fields, including the economy, to accelerate growth and development in recent times. The

Despite being one of the largest and reliable sources of revenue to the government of Ghana, tax revenue collection in Ghana is constrained by many factors. The tax to GDP ratio of Ghana remains far below what

The emergence of the novel COVID-19 virus pandemic has claimed over 4.5 million lives globally and still counting. In addition to the public health impact of the COVID-19 virus, it also severely impacted many economies across the

September has run out so fast that I’m almost certain December will be here by next week. With COVID and all the stress that it brings, I’m not sure vacation is on the minds of the people.

Just like many other countries around the world, oil palm is aboriginal to Ghana. This is because, the country’s weather and apt soil conditions allow for its vast production. Oil palm is a local staple food for