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If you don’t want to end up like Kwaku Frimpong by year’s end, managing your personal finances should be a top priority skill on your to-do list. Personal finance management is about understanding your financial situation, being

Traditional medicine, also known as ethnic, indigenous, alternative or complementary medicine, is the first and oldest healthcare system. It is the ancient and cultural means used by humans to deal with diseases. The practice is available and

What comes to your mind when you think about the financial performance of a business? Is it the profit/loss given at the last line of an income statement? Although that’s one of the strong measures to analyze

The post COVID world has been observing massive heights in product price/inflation. However, it remains a grey area if the trajectory is long or short. Let’s first go through detrimental aspects of inflation in terms of the

Universal basic income (UBI) is when an entity, like an NGO, Government or other institution, provides a set amount of money to all of its beneficiaries irrespective of their wealth and taxpayer status. It’s based on the

Digitization is one of the niche subject matters in the field of information and communication technology. However, its use and application have reached other fields, including the economy, to accelerate growth and development in recent times. The