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A successful process of raising funds for your business is the first step towards achieving success. Your business may not be able to materialize productive investment opportunities without access to easy and timely finance. Whether it’s a

National sovereignty, peace, financial prosperity, and territory management have been the building blocks for independence. Although the world has entered a much more civilized and democratic era, human nature to win and rule has never changed. In

2020 Honda CR-V. Black Edition. Full Option. Tear-rubber, as they call it. I wasn’t even driving that fast on the motorway. Well, it is the motorway after all but I was driving at about 50mph. Not sure

“A people will grow when their elders start planting trees whose shade they will never enjoy” some old saying goes something like that. The word “Sustainability” could refer to the ability of an organization, a business, a

Obtaining a second source of income all starts with an idea, one of the most potent forms of power that exists. I learnt from a TED-Ed that “power is the ability to have others do what you would have

The human was born free and has been free to do business to make a living. However, during this process, society expects compliance with certain standards and regulations to ensure the smooth flow of usual activities and