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THE FUNDRAISER’S MINDSET I am always first to admit that upon returning home from London to Accra (Tema, to be precise), I was so eager yet so unknowingly green. I set sail with a cargo of dreams

A New Era in Ghana’s Democratic Journey Ghana, often called the Heart of Africa, is renowned for its stable political climate and progressive democratic governance. This commitment to regular, peaceful presidential elections is a model for other

Introduction to Correspondent Banking Correspondent banking may sound like a term straight out of a financier’s dictionary, but its implications ripple through the entire economy, touching the lives of both businesses and individuals. Essentially, it’s the process

1. CLIMATE CHANGE & JOURNALISM In a world teetering on the brink of irreversible climate disaster, the need for robust, actionable solutions has never been more acute. At the intersection of science, policy, community action, and global

Before we begin, we must understand the for-profit model that keeps our not-for-profit passion for football alive and thriving, especially overseas. Every sustainable development model of a not-for-profit endeavour needs a robust for-profit engine to secure longevity.

The Importance of Defining Roles Clearly In the dynamic corporate governance landscape, clearly defined roles facilitate smooth operation and are pivotal in steering the organisation towards its strategic objectives. A vivid outline of responsibilities ensures that every