GhanaWeb partners with Maxwell Investments Group (MIG) in Entrepreneurship-Based Content

Tech and media giant, GhanaWeb, has announced a strategic partnership with Maxwell Investments Group (MIG) on entrepreneurship-based content. This will come by way of the Entrepreneur In You video podcast series, and the MIG Business Forum.

The Entrepreneur In You video podcast will be a series of short videos that follow the life of the Ghanaian serial entrepreneur and MIG’s founder, Dr. Maxwell Ampong. Within these short stories will be the lessons, trials and interactions as GhanaWeb seeks to furnish young and upcoming entrepreneurs with relatable pointers that add to growth and leadership, and generate conversation at home and with the diaspora about entrepreneurship in Ghana, and in general.

The MIG Business Forum aims to engage the key players cutting across various sectors and the general populace in a solution-oriented, people-centred forum. The maiden volume shall narrow down on product and service providers, together with society decision-makers discussing viable escape routes during a current economic downturn within their respective sectors/markets. The Forum will include Twitter Spaces and other web platforms as conversations on optimising economic manoeuvrability becomes louder.

“Our partnership with GhanaWeb is based on a mutual interest to positively influence their massive viewership on entrepreneurship as modern times have necessitated this,” said Dr Maxwell Ampong. “The aim is to have meaningful conversations on how entrepreneurship can drive economic growth, innovation, and social change, amongst others,” he continued.

“This is a great partnership that will inform and educate the public on entrepreneurship. This project would improve economic literacy at a practical level, in a practical way, and help Ghanaians make the right decisions in personal and professional businesses,” said Mr. Ismail Akwei, Editor-in-Chief for GhanaWeb.

MIG Media Contact: Communications Department: +233 (0) 20 039 4120