Your Goal, Our Goal!

Maxwell Ampong

Group CEO

Maxwell Ampong is the CEO of Maxwell Investments Group (MIG), an AgriCommodities Trading and Business Solutions consortium. Born and raised in Tema, he attended Achimota Secondary School and University of Ghana before studying at the London School of Business & Finance.

MIG’s oldest subsidiary, TAFT Commodities, an export trading company, was established in 2006. During the ensuing 15 years, the MIG Team would go on to develop different faucets of their commodities trading operations into standalone subsidiaries that are efficient in their own right.

In Logistics, a vital part of trading, MIG’s logistics subsidiary developed an “Africa Logistics Matrix” for REC Systems with which the leading Solar PV manufacturer distributes their solar merchandise from manufacturing locations overseas across ECOWAS and Africa. They continue to offer services like this to Oil & Marine Authority (OMA), GHACEM, and more.

In Marketing, another essential part of every trading endeavour, the combined impressions of their social media engagements alone exceeds 10,000,000 monthly as MIG continues to push and evolve digital marketing strategies through our handles like @RonnieIsEverywhere and others.

Maxwell Ampong has consulted for Global Fiduciary Group in the Emirates, Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate Ghana, PFERD GmbH (Germany, est. 1799), is a lead consultant at the Africa Centre for Energy Research and Economic Intelligence (ACEREI), the Chairman of the West Africa Global Investment Summit (WAGIS), and a weekly contributor to the Business & Financial Times and Goldstreet Business publications.

He is the first-ever Business Advisor to Ghana’s General Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) in their over 60-year history. His hobbies are table tennis and he fancies himself a decent goal-keeper between goalposts.