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Legal Relief Trust


The Legal Relief Trust has Lawyers with several years of experience in the areas of Corporate and Commercial Law, Tax Law, Mineral and Mining Law, Immigration Law, Criminal Law and Property Law. Our lawyers render effective legal assistance in the preparation of legal opinions, studies, reports and correspondence, as required from time to time by various Heads of Departments of the Group and our subsidiaries. These legal minds supervise and oversee the review, negotiation and drafting of major contracts, tender documents and other legal documents within our organisation, as required by the appropriate operational departments. The requisite lawyers from the firm also serve on various Standing Committees, ad-hoc working groups and task forces as mandated, to take care of the legal niceties in framing of policies and implementation plans. Their services extend to our clientele. The Legal Relief Trust has been providing superb service of the highest quality to all of our clients also, supervising and monitoring the contesting of the cases in various courts of law. They as well offer to our local and foreign consultees sound advice to achieve their objectives.