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We are always on the lookout for talent, for people that make the impossible, possible. Our employment perks are not the main attraction - the actual job is

World-Class Projects

Our projects impact millions of people all over the world. We love creating real impact! You would too.

A Great Team

We are the kind of people that learn a lot from each other, and then go have a drink after work.

Flexible schedule

We focus on what gets done; that’s what’s important. In the new normal, we choose to be target-driven.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle simply means doing things that make you happy, feel good, and get employee satisfaction.

Yearly trips abroad

We plan trips abroad to ease off when yearly targets are exceeded. We really are buddies outside of work.

Attractive Bonuses

Performance-based bonuses. Marriage bonuses. Honeymoon bonuses. New baby bonuses. Your stability is our stability.

The Dream Team

No one man can whistle a symphony; it takes a whole orchestra to play it. The people that make MIG work share in the mission and vision of our company.

MIG, our global network and the impact we strive to achieve are lovingly built, steered and sustained by these folks below, alongside countless others within our impact network. With over 100 years of combined experience, we’ve got a well-seasoned team at the helm.

Dr Maxwell Ampong

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Abigail T. D. Anyomi


Rya G. Kuewor

Director of Social Impact & ESG

David Acolatse

Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Lucy A. A. Koranchie

Operations Manager (OM)

Yvonne N. Ampong

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Dr. Jane Afriyie-Mensah

Chief Medical Consultant

Dak Malual

Research & Development Officer (RDO)