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Medical Waste Management

Course Overview

Medical waste management is an essential aspect of healthcare facilities management. This course provides participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage medical waste safely, effectively, and in compliance with regulations. Participants will learn about the classification and segregation of medical waste, methods of treatment, and disposal options. They will also learn about occupational safety and health, risk assessment, and waste audit.

Content and Learning

This course will cover the following topic areas:

This three-day course is designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in medical waste management. The course covers the following topics:
Unit 1: Introduction to medical waste management
Unit 2: Classification and segregation of medical waste
Unit 3: Disposal Methods and treatment of medical waste
Unit 4: Medical Waste Management Systems
Unit 5: Occupational safety and health
Unit 6: Risk assessment and waste audit
Unit 7: Regulatory compliance and best practices in medical waste management


Participants should have a basic understanding of waste management principles. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a KNUST certificate that recognizes their participation and successful completion of the course. The course will be conducted in-class with 18 contact hours.

Is this Program for me?

This course is suitable for
• Healthcare managers
• Hospital facility management staff
• Environmental health officers
• Waste management professionals
• And anyone interested in medical waste management.

Course accommodation

All-Inclusive with meals and access to facilities