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Financial Analytics

Course Overview

The Financial Analytics course is designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the key concepts, techniques, and tools used in financial analytics. The course will cover a range of topics including financial modeling, forecasting, risk management, and financial data analysis. The course will explore the ways in which financial analytics can be used to make informed business decisions and help organizations achieve their financial goals. Participants will learn how to use statistical methods and financial models to analyze financial data, identify trends, and make predictions about future financial performance. They will also learn how to develop financial forecasts, assess and manage financial risk, and analyze financial statements to make informed investment decisions. The course will also explore the ways in which financial analytics can be used to improve business operations and drive financial growth.

Content and Learning

This course will cover the following topic areas:

Unit 1: Introduction to Financial Analytics
Unit 2: Financial Data Analysis and Visualization
Unit 3: Financial Modeling and Forecasting
Unit 4: Risk Management and Financial Decision Making
Unit 5: Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
Unit 6: Applications of Financial Analytics in Business Operations
Unit 7: Case studies and best practices


This program is designed for professionals, practitioners, and decision-makers working in the field of finance, accounting, business analytics, and related fields. The course is open to individuals with a background in finance, economics, accounting, or a related field.

Is this Program for me?

Participants will gain knowledge and skills that can be applied in a variety of settings, including banking, insurance, investment management, and corporate finance. This course is ideal for:
• Financial analysts, investment managers, and portfolio managers
• Finance and accounting professionals
• Business analysts and consultants
• Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to improve their financial decision-making
• Government officials and policymakers who need to make informed financial decisions
• Students and researchers who want to learn more about financial analytics.
Upon completion, participants will receive a KNUST certificate in Financial Analytics.

Course accommodation

All-Inclusive with meals and access to facilities